Requesting Digital Images:
  • We would like to offer your design team (3) Images to use on their projects. These images are theirs to keep and not to be shared in accordance with our Angel Policy which has been included.
  • Please have your design team visit the shop and coordinate which images they would like to use at... Once the Images are selected please contact Sherry - Sponsor Coordinator at with the Image request. (Please give the Names of the Images required along with a Direct Shop Link to the Images)
  • Images will then be sent to your challenge coordinator for distribution to the rest of the design team.
 Challenge Post Requirements:
  • We require that each image provided to the design team be used for your challenge post. The Morgan’s ArtWorld sponsor coordinator will verify this at every challenge.
  • Each image used by your design team must have the image name listed and a direct link to the image in Morgan’s ArtWorld shop.
  •  A project from a Morgan’s ArtWorld Design Team member can be provided on request.
Sponsorship Badge:

  • Your Winner will receive the same three (3) digital images that was used by your design team in your challenge.
  • Your challenge coordinator is to send the images to the Winner of that challenge.

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